ESG provides most of the critical mud motor components from bearing to bend covering all ranges of sizes from coil tubing to beyond 9 5/8”.

  • Thrust Bearings – Cylindrical Roller, Angular Contact, PDC (Polycrystalline Diamond Compact)
  • Thrust Bearing Consumables – Rock Bit Balls, Self-Lubricating Slide Bearings, Seals, Seal Boots, Kits
  • Radial Bearings – Pumps, Valves, Rotary Steerable Tools, Jar Components, Flow Diverters / Restrictors
  • Back End Mud Motor Parts – Mandrels, Drive Shafts, Housings

Wear protection solutions also provided for:

  • Plastics Industry – Extrusion Barrel Die Plates, Screw Elements, Material Conveyors
  • Power Generation – Draft-Induced Fan Blades, Valves, Screens, Material Conveyors
  • Mining – Bearings, Slurry Pumps, Wear Pads, Valves, Screens, Material Conveyors


  • Baker Hughes adopts iMECH thrust bearing technology
  • Canadian Natural Resources Limited uses Intellifuse coating on a tar sands drilling cone
  • Numeric Machining acquisition is fully integrated into 1 facility


  • June 11, 2013, H-D Advanced Mfg. acquires iMECH and Leading Edge Heat Treat
  • December 10, 2014, H-D Advanced Mfg. acquires Intellifuse Coating Technology
  • April 4, 2016, all Houston operations are consolidated at state of the art facility on Greens Rdy
  • July 19, 2016, H-D Advanced Mfg. acquires Numeric Machining, Inc
  • September 30, 2016, all Edmonton operations are consolidated at Numeric’s machining facility