Engineered Solutions Group (ESG) is a completely integrated set of businesses that primarily serves the down-hole Oil & Gas market.  An ISO 9001:2008 certified company with strategic locations in Houston, Texas and Edmonton, Alberta, ESG provides the most reliable solutions with lowest cost per circulating hour in the drilling industry via our full array of proprietary radial and thrust bearing designs. Additionally, our in-house heat treating facility and precision machine shop allow for highly responsive volume-based production and custom made replacement parts for almost any portion of the drilling motor and other applications as well.

The units that comprise ESG include:

  1. Innovative Mechanical Solutions (iMECH):  thrust and radial bearings and consumables such as boots, balls, & bushings (Houston, TX & Edmonton, AB)
  2. Leading Edge Heat Treat:  heat treat services (Edmonton, AB)
  3. Numeric:  diverse precision machining capabilities (Edmonton, AB)
  4. Intellifuse:  durable anti-wear coating solutions (Houston, TX & Edmonton, AB)


Our model and offering is UNMATCHED in the down-hole market.  There is no other player with our breadth of capabilities, lightning responsiveness, and focus on enhancing the economics of our customer base.

  1. iMECH bearings are custom engineered by application specialists to a prescribed design to maximize capacity and last 2-4x longer than competing products from much larger suppliers.  Therefore, our cost per circulating hour consistently beats every competitive product tested and allows you to put more weight on the drill bit and drive your tools harder and longer for greater productivity and well profitability. 
  2. Intellifuse’s proprietary tungsten carbide coating increases life 2-3x or more in wear applications v. non-coated solutions across all the industrial sectors we serve (e.g., oil & gas, plastic extrusion, power generation).
  3. We offer, without question, the best lead times in the industry.  Our bearings are stocked at your demand levels for rapid draw and fulfillment from either the Houston or Edmonton distribution centers.  As our customer, you will experience lead time in hours or days, not weeks.  This minimizes our customers’ inventory investment and maximizes their cash flow.
  4. Any Numeric machined mud motor mandrel, drive shaft, housing or related components can be engineered from scratch, manufactured and delivered within 1 month or less. 
  5. For these reasons, EVERY very major player in the North American drilling market is an iMECH customer.


  • Baker Hughes adopts iMECH thrust bearing technology
  • Canadian Natural Resources Limited uses Intellifuse coating on a tar sands drilling cone
  • Numeric Machining acquisition is fully integrated into 1 facility


  • June 11, 2013, H-D Advanced Mfg. acquires iMECH and Leading Edge Heat Treat
  • December 10, 2014, H-D Advanced Mfg. acquires Intellifuse Coating Technology
  • April 4, 2016, all Houston operations are consolidated at state of the art facility on Greens Rdy
  • July 19, 2016, H-D Advanced Mfg. acquires Numeric Machining, Inc
  • September 30, 2016, all Edmonton operations are consolidated at Numeric’s machining facility