Aerospace Technology Group (ATG) is a leading designer and manufacturer of aircraft components, safety products, and electronic & electromechanical systems used on general, commercial and military aviation fleets in service around the globe.

The units that comprise ATG include:
  1. Firstmark Aerospace: designs and manufactures a variety of electro-mechanical products for general aviation 
  2. Twin Commander Aircraft: owner of the Type Certificate and Production Certificate for the Twin Commander 
  3. Centroid: specialty manufacturer of aftermarket defense electronics 
  4. Firstmark Controls: manufacturer of custom and high accuracy position transducers for aerospace and other severe duty environments 
  5. Aircraft Belts, Inc.: design and fabrication of standard safety restraints and aviation based inflatable safety solutions 
  6. Aviation Occupant Safety: solutions provider for unique safety challenges in the aviation market


With facilities in Plainview, NY (Centroid) and Creedmoor, NC (Firstmark), ATG has a 50-year history of supporting new product design and integration through partnerships with the world’s leading aircraft and system OEMs. ATG provides extensive aftermarket support throughout the long aircraft lifecycle, repairing and replacing parts from its own proprietary designs and numerous other manufacturers. ATG has exceptional quality systems, engineering / reverse-engineering capabilities and maintains numerous certifications including: AS9100, ISO-9001, J-STD-001 as well as various FAA TSOs and Type Certificates.

We began as a small manufacturer of electromechanical systems with roots going back to our days as a Sperry / Honeywell operating division. Over the years, through a series of strategic and successfully integrated acquisitions, ATG has grown into a world-class provider of sophisticated products with an increasing presence on legacy and in-production aircraft fleets.

We service the most demanding applications including outer space motion control, missile deployment and guidance, aircraft carrier launch and recovery, and nuclear instrumentation.


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